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The essential Indian manual of statecraft, 2300 years old and updated for the modern day.

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Looking for snippets of fresh perspectives, humor in mundane things, wisdom insights, A collection of comic articles, collecting humorous travelogues as a Brit wanders the wilds of Africa and Asia.

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The Verbal Truth of Christianity by Arthur Telling

The Verbal Truth of Christianity effects to bring you to the crux of the central message of the Jesus mission, a universal one of reality’s truer nature, the defining of God and cosmos in believable and constructive terms; an understanding of the eternal realm and our relation to it.

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Building The 7th Sense by Guy Lozier

In this guide the steps to building the 7th sense are presented in detail. Topics such as esp, prophecy, healing, along with many others are discussed. All have access to these abilities, knowingly or unknowingly, most unknowingly.

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Still Light by Chirag Patel

A story of humanity’s evolution. Still Light is an experiment in storytelling, with each chapter set five years forward from the last, building a tale that will unfold over centuries. This volume collects the first ten stories, from 2020 to 2070.

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The Mad Scientist by Ed Silva Jr

The Mad Scientist is stunningly inventive—Ed Silva Jr.’s most brilliant and entertaining novel to date.
Richard Maxwell, Black Operative, from the British Secret Service is packing his bags and preparing to leave London. At the door to his apartment, he finds a mysterious box, with a letter from an assistant scientist inviting him for a meeting.

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The Steps By Arthur Telling

Storms, hurricanes, earthquakes everywhere, a Savior appears, preaching of end times: rapture, damnation, Earth entering some supposed invisible force field he calls the “Photon Belt”. Some say he’s Jesus or Buddha, or some new Master of light. Palo Alto software technician Egbert Benson sees he’s a fake, cashing on those weird calamities.

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Wilmot’s Words by Greg Wilmot

This is a collection of articles by a sports psychologist working in Grahamstown, South Africa. It focuses on the nature of school sports and the mindsets that are needed for success, both from the athletes and from the people around them. It’s about yourself as much as it is about winning or losing.

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Growth by Chirag Patel

A broad ranging how-to guide through permaculture gardening and community development, featuring articles about gardening in rough environments and anecdotes about using the garden in school. “If ever a mortal heard the word of God, it would be in a garden at the close of day.” I first read that quote in Civ…

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Between the Ether and Dirt by PB Benson

… face and conquer those interludes of disparity and silent tears. It is part of our human condition in as much are joy, hopes and love. Our courage and fortitude’s lie in facing the dark whilst embracing the light.

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ISON by Arthur Telling

ISON, the Icy Wanderer and Other Mystical Tales by Arthur Telling Buy it on... Looking for snippets of fresh perspectives, humor in mundane things, wisdom insights, check out these short mystical stories: Our first story “ISON the Icy Wanderer” gives glimmers on a...

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