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Rebuilding with Jay Walther

by Chirag Patel | An interview about a time of great difficulty

Recent Books 

Fifty-One Tales

Contained herein are tales of mysteries and monsters, deserted cities and dangerous dreams, of war between the gods and men who are not all they seem.

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A Dreamer’s Tales

Lord Dunsany was the most influential writer in the genre that came to be known as fantasy, of which his stories set trends for that continue to this day.

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The Sayings of Lao-Tzu

Most translations of the famous Way and Virtue (Dao De Jing/Tao Te Ching) focus on the poetics and depth of the original. In contrast, Giles’ translation focuses on telling stories with the text, drawing out the nuances in a way that is more familiar to Western audiences from philosophical and religious texts.

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Contained in this book are ruminations on philosophy form the most basic (what is the value of religious intuition, or intuition in general?) to the most subtle and difficult (how does the constant and inevitable erroring translation affect our processes?).

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Another job for Biggles

A grave peril has reached London. Air Commodore Raymond of Scotland Yard has discovered a new drug, one being used for robberies and more. Gurra is a risk to civilization itself, and only one man can be entrusted to save it.

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The Niche for Lights

The classic work of Sufi mystical thinking from 1100CE, available in audiobook for the first time. It is also known as A Niche of Lamps.

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Get your best grades

Ace exams, survive sports, excel in essays, win argument, and avoid dumb mistakes that lose you marks. Previously published as Supercharge your schooling: Ace exams, survive sports, excel in essays and win arguments.

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Seven Sunrises Across The Ether

A poetic narrating of Bible excerpts that examine questions of where the love of God lies as the Ancient of Man looks past the transgressions of man whilst the Ancient of Death relies upon the disobedience of man.

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Living from a suitcase

Join the exciting and implausible real-life journey of an English bohemian in London, SE Asia, the USA, & South Africa. Previously published as Whimsy.

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