Interview with Jay Walther for his podcast

by Jay Walther and Chirag Patel

Rebuilding with Jay Walther

by Chirag Patel | An interview about a time of great difficulty


Jay Walther is an Engineer by training and has been working as a Software Engineer for the last 26 years.  As he moves toward retirement, he didn’t want to just sit. He has always been productive and wishes to continue that way as he move into this new phase of life.

    He is relatively new to the business of Voice Over but it has always been a passion for him.  He loves to read out loud to his children and grandchildren making up voices on the fly, so moving into Voice Over seemed to be a natural fit.  

    Through association and learning Jay is working to be present in every moment of his life and to share this knowledge with everyone around him.  Podcasting seemed to be a natural fit for learning and sharing this new found freedom with others.

    Jay lives in Salt Lake City Utah with his wife in the house where he grew up.  The beautiful Wasatch mountains serve as a backdrop to his everyday life and a great escape into nature being only 5 minutes from his home.  He loves to spend time with friends and family in this wonderful landscape we call life.

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