An Introduction to Chirag: Explore topics from business and education to sci fi and humour

by Chirag Patel


A collection of chapters and snippets from the wide range of Chirag’s writing (and a few from narration). Includes chapter’s from…

The Art of Being Right: Learn how to spot bad faith tactics, avoid con tricks and win arguments

Posthumanity Rises: Follow robots, AI and posthumans into an epic future history [2020-2075]

Humanist History Before Europe. Follow our most evolved philosophy from its first civilisation through to its ‘birth’ in the Enlightenment and rebirth today as wellness and spirituality

Living from a suitcase: Join the exciting and implausible real-life journey of an English bohemian in London, SE Asia, the USA, & South Africa

Arthashastra, or, The Playbook of Material Gain: Pragmatic and amoral tips on how to gain, defend, and expand power from India’s greatest philosopher.

Get To Grips With Grown Up Topics: Thought-provoking & business focused articles on management theory, law, Occupy, political Warner Bros cartoons, and more

Development from toddlers & home to school & university: The pros, cons, and issues of different education systems.

The Exam & Essay Cheat Sheet: Friendly, bite-sized FAQs to get your best grades in exams and essays and stop losing easy marks

Get your best grades: Ace exams, survive sports, excel in essays, win argument, and avoid dumb mistakes that lose you marks

Unusual Topics & Interesting Reviews: get some opinions that’ll make you sound like a very learned and deep thinker in bite-sized chunks.

My Rise and Fall In The AI Apocalypse (2017-2072): One woman’s journey of power, discovery and loss through a changing century

Simple, Cheap & Organic Home Gardening: Bite-sized columns & stories about gardening in tough environments from the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Learn how to   compost, ferment, drought-proof, park build, and more.

Trick Kids into Learning Through Gardening: Posters, activities and guides for teaching academic subjects using a home garden with curriculum for maths, natural science, language and life orientation.

Sports psychology advice for surviving school: Tips on mental health, dealing with peer, coach and spectator pressure, getting back into condition, and even some advice for parents. Written by Greg Wilmot.

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