Between the Ether and Dirt

by PB Benson

Between the Ether and Dirt: Retail audio sample

by narrated by Chirag Patel | Between the Ether and Dirt By p b benson

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The footpaths that we journey in our lifetimes, those we lead, those we follow, can often times bring us to situations of both diverse and adverse circumstances. Circumstances and conditions that can put designs and definitions upon our perceptions of ourselves. Some we allow, some we embrace, others we can’t let go of. Not only in the enlightenment of our self, the enrichment’s of our soul, but also into the disillusionment’s of ourselves in our place in this world of human conditions and emotions. At times as well, we fall into prolonged pits of sorrow and misery, leading our steps into those dark nights of our soul, when our questions of our selves remain only in the whys and ifs. And while we strive for the enrichment and enlightenment of our being, if we too often mask, hide or ignore those dark nights that occur, then we cannot fully appreciate or understand those times when our heart and soul is in tune with the ever-changing universe. Not that one is to live in fear nor succumb to those dark periods of our lives, but in the acknowledgments, understandings, and acceptance of those times, will allow us to face and conquer those interludes of disparity and silent tears. It is part of our human condition in as much are joy, hopes and love. Our courage and fortitude’s lie in facing the dark whilst embracing the light.