by W.E. Johns

Audiobook by Chirag Patel

Some problems solved by Air Detective-Inspector Bigglesworth, C.I.D., and his Air Police

Nine stories of Biggles’ adventures with the Air Police. Join Biggles, Algy, Ginger and the gang as Raymond sends them searching for Uranium thieves in the Cairngorms, arms dealers in Malaysia, diamond smugglers in Africa, nefarious murderers, and the cause of strange aircraft crashes. Also includes the tale of a dangerous bet from Captain Bigglesworth’s days with the Royal Air Force in World War I.

The stories are:

SKYWAY ROBBERY: Can Biggles find the stolen Jewels of the Rajah of Malliapore?

THE CASE OF THE UNKNOWN AIRCRAFT: A plane carrying uranium from an unknown source crashes in the Cairngorm mountains. Can Biggles survive this Scottish adventure?

THE RENEGADE: Chasing down a fellow Brit who has turned his back on the Empire and is working towards it’s destruction.

BIGGLES BAITS THE TRAP: Biggles pulls a fast one in order to catch a gang of thieves AFRICAN ASSIGNMENT: A trader’s son reaches England with a tale of a tribe turned violent. Can Biggles discover the source of their new attitude?

ALL IN THE DAY’S WORK : A simple day of saving the government from humiliation and disaster.

THE CASE OF THE SECRET AEROFOIL: Did the pilot of a new test place really die in a crash?

THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS GUNSHOTS: A native in the Sudan is attacked by a plane, sending Biggles into the heart of Africa to investigate.

 THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE: Squadron Commander Wilkinson—known better as Wilks—makes a dangerous bet with Biggles.

ebook and print versions include illustrations from the original book, as well as covers from the magazines which these stories were first published in.

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