Building the 7th Sense

by Guy Lozier

Building The 7th Sense: Retail audio sample

by Chirag Patel | Building The 7th Sense by Guy Lozier

In this guide the steps to building the 7th sense are presented in detail. Topics such as esp, prophecy, healing, along with many others are discussed. All have access to these abilities, knowingly or unknowingly, most unknowingly. By following the steps to developing the 7th sense, the barriers to the 6th sense are thinned which allow more interaction by the individual with their capabilities found in the unconscious mind layers which house the 6th sense. It is these barriers which divide the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the super consciousness which interfere with the individual experiencing their extra-ordinary capabilities consciously.

With careful guidance and by appying the steps to developing the 7th sense, the individual can find their life changing. Tools are provided which can be powerful change agents giving the individual methods to change future events as they approach which can bring pleasant and harmonious events forward instead of the usual negative and distasteful experiences. There are several tools provided which are eye opening. Many have related that changes of major proportions took place in a very short period of time. The world around us is nothing as we consider it to be. This guide is designed to open the eyes of the individual to this fact while at the same time building the 7th sense.

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