ISON, the Icy Wanderer

and Other Mystical Tales

by Arthur Telling

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by Chirag Patel | Johann's Awakening by Arthur Telling

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Looking for snippets of fresh perspectives, humor in mundane things, wisdom insights, check out these short mystical stories:

Our first story “ISON the Icy Wanderer” gives glimmers on a commonality of celestial and worldly insights. Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving in Fall of 2013 when Comet ISON, arriving from the distant Oort Cloud, reached “perihelion”, the critical moment of his long journey whereupon rounding the Sun he would either successfully flare up and become a December Christmas comet of the century or break up from the Sun’s intense heat and disintegrate. ISON, an animated consciousness in our story, finds both comfort and scorn from the planets and asteroids, and NASA’s careful watch as he traverses the Solar System on his fateful journey. Our story confronts the big questions of purpose and of life, death and beyond, for all consciousness, be they human, animal, or comets made from ice and dirt.

“Light A Particle or Wave?” examines the metaphysical foundation of all cells having consciousness with science’s unsolved mystery as to why light elements act as both particle and wave, inexplicably changing their natures upon being observed. Through humor and physical science, a light element, narrating the story, answers the formerly unanswerable question.

“Unforeseen Voyage”, an insightful mystical tale, launches from an ordinary lunch at a water front restaurant, where the diner enters another dimension, like a popular TV Twilight Zone mystery, where a profound moment unravels before him. Seeing the futility of engaging in life’s ordinary pursuits when the end point is death, he forms a critical view of other diners’ engrossment in eating, drinking and merry making. A moment later, the tables turn, and he is on the receiving end. The story is of the human dilemma that we face as we live and contemplate our temporal natures.

From time immemorial, there is the perennial quest for a Spiritual Master who can lead man to enlightenment, truth or salvation. “The Long and Winding Road” a wisdom mystical tale, addresses this head-on. In our story, a seeker goes on a journey to find the Master and learns that the Master is at top of a mountain in the high hills of Northern California. But this Master is elusive, and our seeker fails to locate him. But the Master shows up in a surprising way and gives him a lesson while doing ordinary things. The seeker, thinking he’s learned little, finds out differently that evening when he goes into slumber at nighttime. The previous day’s events link together in his dream, and in an interplay of real events and dreams, our seeker finds his pathway.

“Are you Christian” brings fresh insight to the table with advent of science, where faith and Christianity have received many scientific blows from evolution. Does Jesus or Darwin offer correct belief? Ryan, the mystic, demonstrates how evolution ultimately has no value in a continuing future, whereas Jesus offers a stopgap into the abyss yet ultimately can do no better than provide a temporary relief. The story’s dialogue between the mystic and atheist, reveals a higher more correct understanding that will secure the promises of prosperity in this world and everlasting life beyond.

“On Order from The Divine” uses humor in a story of a self-important heavenly being who is critiquing the failings of humanity from his lofty perch above. The Divine overhears and orders him to take birth in the human world, so that he will come to understand human challenges. Encountering first the obstacle of erotic lust, then a more daunting one of receptivity, a wise monastic delivers a specially tailored message on the pitfalls of self-importance, and his new life on earth begins.


About Arthur:

Arthur Telling has written numerous stories and articles on religion, philosophy, and metaphysics, and has authored several books. His articles are regularly appearing in online magazine including August 2016-B issue “’Son of Man’ May Not Have Been Jesus”. His article, “A Different Jesus Message” was published in the Nov. 2011 AMORC online Rosicrucian Digest. His Article answering the question “How are the mind and brain related?” appeared in January/February 2008 edition of British Journal Philosophy Now.  His website is: