The 21st century will see great changes for humanity. True Artificial Intelligence comes into existence, and in its wake the world is ripped apart and reborn. In new technology ancient ways will find new expression, as the secret rulers of the world choose its future shape. It is a time of great change, of disaster and destruction matched only by the flowering of mind.
The book Posthumanity Rises charts the great events of this time; but what of the others? What about those who get caught up in events, but cannot guide them? Those who are given power, but not enough to be free?
They too have their stories, and this is one of them. Follow Aina from 2017 to 2072, as she becomes one of the custodians of the ultimate secret society, and discovers that divinity doesn’t bring control or security. Great events follow and command her, but her fate is to pick up the pieces, not cause the conflicts.

A standalone companion tale to Still Light [2017-2070AD]